The Word Group is specialized in printing services in Sydney that understands the nature of the Corporate World; therefore we make sure that our corporate clients receive a service tailored for their business needs. We also recognize the pressure of competition, time and budget on any business; hence we strive to assist businesses in managing all their corporate printing materials accordingly. Our aim is to give our clients peace of mind when it comes to their printing materials, so they can focus on achieving their vision and goals.

Because printing material is a reflection of the company’s identity; it is the perfect medium to deliver a strong message about your business. The perfect print is not just a sum of images and words, but an integral message that needs to be conveyed to your targeted clients. A message that needs to say:

–       Who you are
–       What you can offer
–       What makes you different
–       Where and how your client can reach you

We do not design prints that are just visually appealing, but they convey the vision and the marketing strategy of your company. We offer flexibility when it comes to quantity and we make sure to meet your schedules. We cover all your printing needs from a small quantity of business cards, to large quantity of business stationery, large format printing, posters and all event and conference materials.

Our Philosophy:

The best way to understand what we offer to our clients is through our business philosophy which is based on three simple postulates:

1-   Integrity
2-   Customer Service
3-   Quality

Our Philosophy so far has helped us thrive in our industry. Because we believe that we are not here to compete with anyone, but we are here to stand out and be unique, we strongly believe that our vision and philosophy is the key to our success.  

A Message to Our Clients

Whether your printing needs are big or small, we give it our utmost attention. We make sure to meet your schedules and deadlines. Because we are not here to just do a job but to do what we are passionate about. And because we respect people from all walks of life and we understand the effort each individual puts to make his/her business strives, we go the extra mile to assist you to reach your goals with your printing materials.    

When it comes to large corporate projects we can also organize meetings and make sure that the people are always kept in the loop. That way we make sure that the end product will be completely satisfactory and in alignment with your goals.

Because every business is unique in term of vision and strategies, our solutions is also unique to every project. Our creative team makes sure to give a unique identity to every project.